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Sara Collins

My name is Sara Collins and I am a student journalist from Elkins, West Virginia. I focus my writing on how public policy impacts people. My goal is always to explore how differing perspectives intersect and impact people.

Elkins Waterline Replacement

Elkins has a lot of waterline issues, and they made a big effort by changing a line that was notorious for having issues. I wanted to bring awareness to the good that was done by replacing the waterline.

Should Schools Remain Open while COVID Numbers Spike?

COVID is obviously a big factor in today’s world, and everyone seems to have a different opinion about quarantining, especially in schools. I wanted to show the different opinions of students who are living through COVID during school of what should be done.

What is TikTok good for?

TikTok has a lot of controversy around it. When writing this article, I wanted to bring attention to the different opinions people have about TikTok, do they love it or hate it? I wanted to show that TikTok does not have the same importance for everyone.